Salute for Four Loko

Prohibition strikes again! But in all seriousness who didn’t see this coming? I was in Town like three weeks ago and the woman in there was telling me how people were stalking up on this stuff like the nuclear holocaust was about to happen. The lesson for both us and them here is this: if we really like something its better kept to us (for instance facebook), and the lesson for them is, if you don’t want us to have something stop broadcasting it twenty four seven from every available media outlet. That company got more and better free marketing than many would pay millions for. I mean they brought new meaning to integrated marketing communications: “drink this shit, you will get f*cked up”. Anyways it would be a fitting closing for Four Loko to have a 21 gun salute…  or a 21 oz salute

I wanna give a shout out to all the haters. Some hate, some appreciate

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