Regular Season Championship

Last night the Pats and Colts played what has been the most meaningful game of the regular season for the past ten years. The Patriots, Colts and Steelers have dominated the AFC for the past decade and the winner of the Pats, Colts game has generally had playoff implications. That being said, they are who we thought they were. I think it’s been kind of funny listening to all the sports talk people all week compare Brady and Manning and say this and that about how either Manning or Brady has done more with less and is the better quarterback, but in the end Everyone points to Brady’s post season record. With all that said, yesterday’s game was what everyone expected.

Merriweather’s interception on the first drive set the tone for the Pats last night and helped both sides of the ball to really get going in the first half. Momentum has been huge for the Pats the season and big plays from any unit to start the game has generally led the offense to roll and the D to play better.

The Patriots held the Colts to just over 70 yards on the ground. The Colts are still missing Joseph Addai, but it’s always nice to see the Pats D-line dominate like that. Vince Wilfork had that one tackle in the second quarter where he shed his block like a rag doll and brought down Brown 2 yards in the backfield.

The pass rush looked pretty good yesterday. The Pats may have gotten to Rothlisberger 5 times last week, but that was against 2 backup linemen. The pressure the Pats got on Manning while rushing just 3 or 4 is what allowed them to pick him off three times.

Brady and the offense looked great yesterday. With the exception of a few late drives, when they really needed them, the offense looked great yesterday. Whenever Brady gets Branch involved it seems that the Pats are more likely to put up long drives and the Law Firm and Frodo looked good on the ground. Actually Woodhead’s scamper to the end zone was the longest TD run of the year by a Patriot and was just a testament to his will.

Im sure none of you were in the same predicament I was in at the beginning of the game yesterday. I was at a bar (apparently filled with rednecks) and they were showing the final race of the NASCAR sprint series on the main TV.  When Kyle Bush’s M&M car burst in to flames, I swear I heard someone say ‘it’s okay Kyle, they melt in your mouth, not in your car’

Anyways, last night was a heart stopper at the end. When Simms and Jim Nantz started talking about how this is the same score they led by last year and then the Colts started catching up I was literally yelling at the TV (I was home by then). But instead of going for it on what would have been a ridiculous 4th and 6, the Pats punted and we all know what happened from there…

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