Tonight on MNF and other TidBits

Tonight the Denver Broncos travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers on Monday Night Football, and yes that commercial is completely irrelevant. The Broncos are under achieving this year and the Chargers are starting to gain a little momentum. With Rivers and Orton leading the league in passing yards, there should be more bombs than operation shock and awe tonight.

In other NFL news Brad Childress was finally fired. The Vikings players and fans have been asking for his head for weeks and after last nights 31-3 home loss Childress got the axe. Hopefully the new regime will bench Favre. It’s time for the Vikings to move on before they waste any more of the talented players on that teams careers.

Another side story from this week in the NFL is the Titans offensive production since the signing of Randy Moss has dropped from over 25 points per game to twelve points per game. Moss did not have a catch yet again this week, and his lack of effort on a short route cost the team an interception. All I can say about the Patriots trade is “straight cash homey”.

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