He’s Baaaack

I think the Eagles just messed up everyone’s fantasy football weekend, lucky for me I had like a 70 point lead coming into tonight… and I’m still on the verge of panic. The NFL record for points in a game was set in 1940, its 73.

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Tonight on MNF

Ya that had nothing at all to do with Monday or Football, but I was cruisin ESPN and I saw Kevin and Jerry’s ugly mugs in an ad for the new Need for Speed game and I had to throw it in here somehow. Tonight we get the rematch between the Skins and Eagles. While it shouldn’t be a walk in the park for Vick and company I expect their high powered offense will have no trouble exploiting the Redskins. LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are the real deal, bringing speed and elusiveness while the new Michael Vick is a double edged sword in and outside of the pocket.

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Celtics #1 in Power Rankings

The Celtics are at #1 in this weeks power rankings on ESPN.com. After the Lakers lost two games this weekend (in which they gave up a combined 239 points in regulation) the Celtics are back to their rightful #1 ranking. It seems every time I post about the Celtics I feature Rondo but his 15 plus assists in 7 out of 10 games this year merits more attention than I can give him. Rondo has been fun to watch ever since the start of the big 3 era, and now that he’s maturing he’s a nightmare for opposing teams.

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Deer Tick

Saw these guys in Newport over the weekend. Their a Rhodie band, the show was pretty awesome so I figured I’d throw it up here for your auditory pleasure

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Patrick Chung decided to ruin Mike Wallaces night last night, that hit really summed up the game pretty well. The Patriots came to play, and play physical. The score doesn’t really show how much the Pats D dominated the game last night. Although Devin McCourty was picked on a little bit in garbage time, he had a few really good plays on the ball and some great tackles on D and special teams. And don’t forget the Patriots had 5 sacks last night, that’s right 5. The LB’s looked great, the D line got good push and the blitzing secondary got to it’s mark.

Gronkowski’s three recieving TD’s is a record for a Patriots rook.¬†After a rough outing last week Gronk had a stellar resurgence last night. I think I was a little frightened when Brady was screaming at everybody after that failed draw play last night. I don’t know when I’ve seen him that mad, it made me kind of nervous that the team wouldn’t respond well to his attitude but they rose to his challenge.

I’m glad Wes Welker isn’t kicking off for us anymore but maybe he should continue to take the point after duties. The rest of the special teams unit played pretty well, the open field tackling was good and Brandon Tate was able to give the Patriots good field position. Speaking of Tate the deep ball¬†picked up from Brady was as nice a field stretching play action as theyve run all year.

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You’ve Been Rondo’d

I think you’ve been Rondo’d just by watching that clip. The Celtics clearly have the Heat’s number, but LA is still undefeated.

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Your Sports Tonight

The Bruins play the Penguins and Sidney Crosby tonight @ 7 oclock, at the TD Garden. With David Krejci still out this could be a tough game for the Black and Gold.

The Patriots signed kicker Shayne Graham yesterday after Stephen Gostkowski suffered an injury last week against Cleveland. They also decided to make a change at long snapper which is a serious relief to the Patriots faithful. The long sjnapping was one of the most atrocious aspects of the Patriots special teams the past few weeks, with most snaps rolling back to the punter and causing many kicks to be too close for comfort.

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